Three compact Sony lenses at once

Sony has released three compact full-frame G-series lenses for Alpha mirrorless cameras. These are SEL50F25G, SEL40F25G and SEL24F28G.

All three lenses have the same dimensions (68×45 mm) and design, and are similar in weight (SEL50F25G – 174 g, SEL40F25G – 173 g, SEL24F28G – 162 g). The filter thread diameter is 49 mm. Internal focusing, that is, the external dimensions do not change when focusing on focus.

All this simplifies the task of filming video on them. The lenses are completely interchangeable when working with stabilizers and gimbals, and do not require rebalancing of the equipment.

For videographers, there is also the option of stepless aperture control using a separate ring.

The manual focus ring has a linear stroke. A separate programmable button is placed on the body. The lenses are designed for dust and moisture protection.

Aspherical lenses are used in the optical design of all three lenses, and the SEL50F25G and SEL24F28G also use ultra-fine elements to reduce chromatic aberration. Dual linear motors are responsible for autofocusing. In addition, autofocusing is quiet, which is important for video shooting.

Minimum focusing distances are 18 cm (24 cm AF) for the SEL24F28G, 25 cm (28 cm AF) for the SEL40F25G and 31 cm (35 cm AF) for the SEL50F25G.

— Three compact Sony lenses at once: SEL50F25G, SEL40F25G and SEL24F28G —

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