Flora Borsi – PhotoShop Artist

Flora Borsi is a young creative person from Hungary who considers herself a photo artist who creates surreal images.

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In 2004, at the age of 11, Flora became interested in photoshop, and since 2007 she has taken up photography seriously. Despite such a young age, her works have been exhibited at international exhibitions. She herself was a laureate of several prestigious competitions. In addition, one of the works done at that time became the face of Adobe Photoshop.

To create this kind of paintings, she uses exquisite photo manipulation, thematically focused on personality, relationships, emotions and dreams. Her flawless technique and subtle conceptual ideas create beautiful awakenings of universal emotions, from excitement and passion to despair and loss.

Flora immediately captures the complex strength and fragility of the human psyche. She expertly visualizes dark fantasies and atmospheric dreams using supernatural and clever metaphors. Moreover, at the same time, the meaning is revealed: what it means to think, feel, dream and express your opinion in the urban world.

Her work often depicts a female body. She plays with hiding and opening the eyes or face to leave only the feminine form, exploring the issues of feminine representation and the relationship between body and self.

“We humans, like our bodies, are the wonders of the universe. Our bone structure protects and at the same time enables us to experience life on Earth. You can control certain parts of the body, however, when you go to bed, you are completely relaxed and resting. Anatomy is an extremely important part of portrait photography, especially photo manipulation. “

The artist has participated many times in collective international exhibitions in Europe and the United States, and several times has presented her photographs at personal shows. She even managed to present her work at the Louvre (France). Her photography series “Unearthly Aesthetics” has won several awards and received many critical (mostly positive) press reviews, including from The Guardian’s Observer and BBC Culture.

“I think my work is very personal. After all, my inspiration comes from life, memories, feelings, events. And art is therapy for me, it is the processing of emotions. As a confession “


2002 Images for Earth Fifth International Edition, Drawing Contest – 3rd prize
2008 National Photography Award by NFÜ – 1st prize
2012 PictureCompete International Photography Award” The Family “- Honorable mentioned
2014 Trierenberg Super Circuit International Photography Award – Gold medal of excellence
2014 World of Circus International Art Contest – Finalist in three categories
2015 Exposure Award, Portraiture Collection
2015 Digital Photo Pro, The Face Contest, Finalist
2016 LG SmartWorld, Wallpaper Contest, Finalist
2016 Sony World Photography Awards, Commended, Enhanced category
2016 Trierenberg Super Circuit International Photography Award – Gold medals of excellence
2020 Forbes 30 Under 30

— Flora Borsi – Contemporary Photo Artist —

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